How to move game to secondary monitor


I’m writing this post to help others out. Recently, I wanted to launch a game, “Cities XL 2011,” on my secondary monitor. I Googled, and Googled, then when I gave up, I Googled some more. There is a lot of confusion out there and most threads that I came across didn’t have viable solutions.

Here’s what I’m running:

Dell Vostro 3700 laptop with a i7 Intel processor and a 20-inch screen, VGA chord to my Dell 24-inch monitor. My windows operating system is Windows 7.

Here’s how I was able to open the game and put it on my secondary monitor:

I opened the game. I let the game run. Then when I was on the start menu, I hit F2. This allowed me to see the window format with the maximize, minimize, close buttons on the top right. I simply dragged and dropped the running program on to my secondary monitor. Then I hit F2 again. I was able to move my mouse between both monitors. However, doing so causes the game to run slow, and when you come back to the game with your mouse, I had to let it sit for a few seconds to run at normal speed again.


It was easy. There were so many complicated and unsuccessful solutions. I hope this helps someone in need. Of course this worked for my system and with this game. Results may vary. Enjoy!



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