Honda NSX – Back in motion!

I love the NSX. A lot of people do. I’d venture to say, which is risky, that a lot of people like the NSX even though they may not like Honda, or even foreign auto manufacturers. Really, there is no such thing as a domestic automobile manufacturer but I digress. The NSX is coming back. And thank goodness. It’s going to be awesome, intense, and insane. I can’t wait. Although I don’t have enough piggybanks to pick up one of these bad boys, I can’t wait to see them ripping up the streets.

Motor Trend writes in an article on the soon-to-be new NSX, While the future production model NSX was expected to employ either a V-6 or V-8 with hybrid technology, Ito’s comment that, “we might just launch the car in limited numbers as is, with a downtuned V-8.”

It’d be super neato burrito if Honda did release a V-10 version which they’ve used in the Super GT racing series in Japan. However, given Honda’s likeliness to tone down a car, the market will probably see the V-6 or V-8 version as CEO Takanobu Ito said. All in all, it’s pleasant to see that Honda is making a move back to its racing roots. I hope they never forget that cofounder Soichiro Honda said that in order to be the best company, they have to win, not only in business, but win in racing sports.



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