NASCAR – Daytona 500 – The Great American Race – Bayne’s Awesome Finish

I haven’t sat down for a NASCAR race in a long time. I went to a NASCAR race in Fontana about a year ago. The reason why I actually watched for the duration of the race, well between beer dashes, was because of the nature of event. Like it or not, Dale Earnhardt was and is NASCAR. He died in a crash on turn four at Daytona 10 years ago making this the 10-year anniversary of his death.

I don’t really have a favorite driver. I root for Kasey Kahne because my brother likes him. I like to cheer for Bill Elliot whenever he’s in a race given that he was my dad’s favorite driver at one point. But on this past Sunday, I wanted Dale Jr. to win for emotional reasons. Ethos didn’t play a role in the finish on Sunday.

The race was awesome. Awesome in that there were a bunch of crashes and minus a few flaring tempers, no one was seriously injured. The finish was intense. I was super bummed when Jr. crashed – we all were.

After a few moments of disbelief, we began cheering for Bayne. He turned 20-years-old the day before. Spoil alert! Bayne ended up blocking another seasoned driver right before the end to take the victory. You can read about it here.

All in all, it felt good to sit around with family and friends and watch good ole’ American racing. Even with the tricked out Integra in the driveway or the Honda-themed garage…we held our hands up with the number three and remained silent on lap three. RIP #3.


Did you watch the race? What did you think?


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