New Garage New Layout

So I’m moving in to a new pad. The two car garage was murdered by musician who decided to install a sound proof room. So unfortunately, it is now a one car garage. But whatever. I’m going to make the best of it. I’m going to Costco to pick up these slick heavy-duty black steel shelving units. I’m going to get two and line the back wall. I’m also going to pick up a tool chest to neatly lay out all of my tools. The current system, or lack thereof one, isn’t going to cut it in the spot.

I’ve already told my family and friends that I’ll have a sweet setup so I’ll be able to help them out. First order, change out the brakes on my bro’s 2000 GMC Sierra. I’m going to swap him the brake job for some of his Southern styled home cooked slow cooked ribs. Now that’s how you do it!




About rpmdeals

RPM Deals is devoted to finding the best deals, biggest discounts, and special bargains both on the Internet but also with physical companies. So here is why we decided to make this website. We all love cars here. That came first. Then the "Great Recession" hit. And it hit hard. It hit all of our wallets the hardest. So here we were, wanting to modify our cars but we we're hurting financially. And that's how the story goes. Love of cars plus tough times equals RPM Deals. We are open to questions, comments, business opportunities and more. And at the end of the day…we just want to help you mod your ride for less. Thank you for checking RPM Deals out.
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